LumaPath, AKA Project AP, is a virtual reality project that is currently being developed by the game development team of SFU Pain Studies Lab. It is developed in Unity 5 with HTC Vive as VR output.


The project is used to help and encourage motivated arthritis patients to do more exercise. It allows users to travel through multiple scenes and participate in different kinds of exercise such as arm movement or body movement. Also, there are many other interesting objects in the game that user could interact with such as drawable blackboard, plant raising system, or even slot machine.

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This project is invested by Simon Fraser University and Arthritis Research Canada. The first version of this project is finished and already has been used in multiple demos to people such as BC ministry of technology and different doctors from clinic and hospital. It has also been presented in Virtual Reality and Healthcare Symposium'18. At the same time, it started to be used in graduate student research and study. However, in the future, this project will ideally not only be used to research studies but also participate in the real-life clinic and hospital treatments.


We also developed the phone VR version to allow people to have an easier taste of this project (phone VR version aims to be used in future demos and introductions, so people could easier understand the background and the idea of how this project works).


Currently, our team is expanding the playing area and designing new factors into the game to make it more playable.


As the only programmer in the team. I am handling all the programming work and debugging in this project. Also, I am in charge of most of the animation effects and participating in game story design.  For the phone VR version, I designed the entire game experience.