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Intergalactic UBR Date is a card game that is developed during 2018 Global Game Jam. It allows players play and cooperate with other people through online service or local network. The goal of the game is playing the same card as your cooperation player played to keep "conversation" continuing during the date.

When both people reach their "personal needs" from "conversation", both players win the game, else if people run out of card or the "heart rate bar" become 0 due to conversation can't continuing for many round, both players will lose the game. It needs both players to work together to reach the success. There are also many functional cards to make the game more interesting and require more strategy, such as the positive functional card "friends call" to drew two cards or the negative functional card "ex-text" to discard a random card from both players. 


Currently, Intergalactic UBR Date is still a prototype, it has the basic function that people could play with each other but a lot of more functions need to add (ex: player choosable character outlook, winning an award/losing punishment, more sound effects, intro screen, etc.)


I was the only programmer on the team for this game. This game was built on Unity engine and I used C# for all of the coding work. All logical setting, connecting setting, card function setting was been done during the Game Jam. However, it still needs more time to work on the balance of the game.