/a night in hotel


A Night In Motel is a storyline game that was developed by a 4-person team for the final project of SFU IAT 313. The game narrates the story that was happened in the motel in the western desert of US back to 1880s, which the owner of the motel and his wife tried to rob one of their tenants. By the different selection during the game, it could have several endings.


I was the story creator of this game and I also worked on the game development on the platform. This game was developed on www.66rpg.com, which is a Chinese platform for storyline games.


Unfortunately, due to the language issue, the game was already removed from the website (Their target language is Chinese but this game is in English. However, I do have the origin files for this game).

A Night In Hotel is the Android version of A Night In Motel. It is developed by me and another teammate for the final project of SFU IAT 381. The game basically shared the same storyline with A Night In Motel but with a few rearrangements. It was developed on Android Studio and I worked on characters design, game design and all of the coding for this game.